Wedding Receptions 101 - How to make sure your perfect day isn't typical

Wedding receptions are alot like children; everyone thinks that theirs is the best one ever, but really they are all pretty much the same... Unless you follow these tips. 

Creating a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner that is exceptional and will go down in history as legendary is possible on pretty much any budget, but requires a few creative additions to your average event. 

1. Don't pick a boring venue. 

The first thing to understand is that unless you are getting married in your back yard, wedding receptions are expensive. So as long as you are spending some of your parents' retirement fund on your special day, make sure you pick somewhere fun. The normal thinking is to find some sort of banquet hall, however, once you book the venue, you'll have to figure out how to make it feel like something other than... a banquet hall. And no matter how many centerpieces, streamers and balloons you buy, you'll still have the distinct fluorescent lighting and round tables in all of your photos. 

If you are reading this blog, there is a really good chance that your event is going to take place in Las Vegas, and if you are, you are in luck. Las Vegas has hundreds of venues, restaurants, lounges and nightclubs that have spent millions of dollars to make their decor amazing. Take a look at the photos below:

Which venue above looks more expensive? The banquet hall on the left needed tables, linens, place settings, decor, stage setup, audio-visual and more to achieve this look. The venue on the right has this look before you even start planning your event. Choosing a high-end restaurant or nightclub allows you to apply most of your budget to food, beverage and entertainment rather than linens and decor. Plus, these types of venues have been built by a designer from the ground up to make the environment perfect. 

2. Don't serve"banquet chicken".

In many banquet room settings, a simple chicken, mashed potato and vegetable plate is very common. Sometimes, the venue can make it look appealing, but it is always a bland option for a special event. If you choose a restaurant instead of a banquet hall, you will have more money toward your food, so go ahead and pick some fun or even edgy dishes to give your guests something to remember. 

In the photo on the left above is regular old "banquet chicken". Instead choose smaller plates that are more interesting. Small plates with lots of color, like the ones above, will impress your guests, and may even promote social media sharing outside of the traditional congratulatory post.  

3. If your budget doesn't allow you to wow, get out of your comfort zone and do something crazy. 

We've all seen the Youtube videos of creative bridesmaid and groomsmen dances. Those used to be creative. Now they are almost expected in some circles. Go even more edgy and do something that is worthy of viral glory. Prank all your guests, do a roast, or create a completely unexpected distraction. Just make sure you have the cameras rolling.