Group Dining 101 - How much does Group Dining cost in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and as such, there is a premium on pretty much everything you will buy while you are here. There are more restaurants, shows, casinos, attractions and shopping malls on one street than anywhere else in the world. Due to the desirability of the real estate on the Las Vegas Strip, prices on everything from shopping to dining  are elevated to cover the costs of doing business. 

Prices for dining with groups or private dining room costs vary greatly depending on type of restaurant, which property you are at and how well known the chef is, but below is a general guide to costs. Keep in mind that gratuity, tax and drink packages are usually not included. 

Under $30 per person

For this price range, it will be very difficult to find a private dining experience on the Strip. Casual dining restaurants can fit this range, but most of the time will not take reservations more than 24 hours in advance, and many of these restaurants don't have private dining rooms to use. 

$30 to $50 per person

Family-style dining (shared plates) and buffet style dining opens a lot of options at this price range. Every casino/hotel should have options in this range. From semi-formal italian to Sushi and high-end celebrity chef burger restaurants, there are restaurants that have a fun atmosphere and private event space. There is a ton of demand for this price range, so reservations should be made far in advance to get the restaurant you want. 

$50 to $100 per person

Medium range celebrity chef restaurants, fun concept restaurants and large-event spaces can fit into this price range. On a slow week on the Strip, you may be able to host an event at a very high end restaurant if you stick to heavily passed appetizers. 

Over $100 per person

If you are hoping to host your group event at a steakhouse, a high-end seafood restaurant or any fine-dining experience, you will surely be over $100 per person. Las Vegas is home to dozens of the top restaurants in the world, but be prepared to spend. Even though there are so many great options, these types of restaurants are in high demand. Most big celebrity chefs have restaurants here, and you'll find dining experiences that blow away most any other city in the country. While there is a large cost, these restaurants are sure to impress. Many of these restaurants also carry up to a 22% service charge that is in addition to the gratuity. 

Additional Costs

In addition to the food cost and private dining room reservation, here are some other costs to expect: 

- Tax - Tax in Nevada is 8.1%

- Gratuity - On groups over 10, you will most likely be charged an auto gratuity of 18% - 22%

- Service Charge - Many high-end restaurants charge a 15% - 22% service fee that is not part of the gratuity. 

- Open bar - A fully open bar for your guests can cost between $20 to $60 per person.