Wedding Receptions 101 - How to make sure your perfect day isn't typical

Wedding receptions are alot like children; everyone thinks that theirs is the best one ever, but really they are all pretty much the same... Unless you follow these tips. 

Creating a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner that is exceptional and will go down in history as legendary is possible on pretty much any budget, but requires a few creative additions to your average event. 

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Which Las Vegas restaurants are the best? See what the local media has to say.

Las Vegas is arguably the dining capital of the world. There are so many great restaurants in Las Vegas; over 300 just on the Strip! It is truly a place where there is a fit for every palette. But if you are only in town for a few days, how can you possibly decide which restaurants to try?

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Group Dining 101 - How far out should you reserve a restaurant?

In most cities across the country, there are only a handful of top-tier restaurants. In Las Vegas, however, there are over 300 amazing restaurants on a single, 3-mile-long street. This makes it seem like you can show up to Vegas with your group and book a group or private dining room with little or no notice. While there are certain cases where this is true, here is a guide to know when you should start booking your venues. 

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