Why refer business to Vegas Private Dining?

We are so excited to work with you! Here are the main reasons that you should be just as excited:

1. We make is so easy for your clients to find the perfect group dining experience.

It takes a lot of time for your clients to find the right fit and availability for group dining. Since you aren't a restaurant owner, it doesn't make sense for you to spend your time finding a venue for them. We are happy to work with your client, or even directly with you so they don't even know we are in the picture. We'll find the perfect venue for them and we don't charge anything for the service. Consider us the group dining department of your company!

2. You can offer this as a service to your clients.

We offer a service that you can offer to your clients as your own, without having to do all the work. Your clients will love that you are a one-stop-shop!

3. We'll take you out to some of Las Vegas' best restaurants on us!

Obviously we have access to the best restaurants in Las Vegas and we'd like you to experience them as well! If you regularly refer us group dining, we'll take you out to experience these restaurants, and we'll pay!

4. Prizes and Contests.

We periodically have contests for our referral partners. From small giveaways to major prizes, we make it fun to do what you are already doing!

5. Get listed as a vendor for the services that we don't offer.

We spend a ton of money on advertising and you can benefit from it! We get leads from conventions, company events, awards banquets, weddings, family reunions and more. All we offer are restaurant reservations, and we are happy to refer everything else to our best partners. If you regularly refer us group dining, we'll refer your services to our leads!


For every lead that you send us that chooses a restaurant venue through us, we'll send you $25! Its so easy to do! Just send us the event details here and we'll send you a check!